Unemployment and Poverty in the third world countries are hands in hand in terms of definitions. When there is a high population of unemployment then poverty is going to be high, that is not debatable. Several theories are in place to try and expound more on the causes of unemployment. Over several decades, this has been the chorus of the popular song sung over and over. But the big question is:  why have we been talking and still talking about unemployment since AD to 21st Century? Does it mean there is no solution to that? Well, I can’t dispute the research and contribution of my predecessors; after all, am barely 3 decades old.

We all know unemployment is the act or situation when able-bodied people looking for jobs and can’t find one. Most of the time when we talk about unemployment, the first thing that comes to our mind is: the intellects after completing their studies can’t find a job; that is a misconception. Unemployment includes everybody and anybody who can do the work but can’t find one. After a prolonged period of unemployment; bills add up, expenditure and need piles up and the result is usually Poverty.

So, why has it been the song of the decades? One, more effort and focus have been on researching and outlining the causes of unemployment. Secondly, the solutions provided are always depended to other bigger problems that need to change so that unemployment can be addressed. The bigger problems include Corruption, low level of education, poor industrial area, foreigners getting big tenders among others. Honestly speaking, corruption may require higher power to be eradicated in African countries. Low level of education is a long term thing to be achieved. Therefore, this leads to a deadlock, for unemployment to end bigger problems must end.

Having said that, it is high time we change the strategy and explore alternative ways which will help in reducing the disease to up to half if not completely dealing with it. However, the strategies will require everyone’s input and out of goodwill act. Everyone will have a role to play.

The first strategy is Talent, yes Talent! There are numerous varieties of talents all over; be it in sports, entertainment, technical stuff or any other unaccountable area. It is like one person at a given time came and laid a path for us all to follow, don’t misunderstand me I value education, after all, I am a graduate and want to advance soon. But also education is not the only path for all of us, I mean look at the famous footballers (yeah I love soccer), by the age of 24 years they are billionaires. At above 25-years old I have not even completed my education loan (donations accepted MPESA No.254-701008108, PAYPAL: wingakmso@gmail.com). Many people waste their time and get lost on the way trying to pursue education yet they are so talented in other areas. Acknowledging, embracing and encouraging talent nurturing will help in positioning people to where they belong. Let’s have marathon champions getting medals, musicians getting the awards, models killing the stage, footballers shining in the pitch, intellect minds coming up with ideas to prepare us for the future and comedians cracking people’s ribs on stage. By doing that there is a bigger population that has been connected to their destiny.

The second strategy is; dividing/ classifying job opportunities’ into age groups. There is always the debate that the old people do not want to exit the offices and give way to the young! Well, there is some sense to that but, where do you want the old to go? There are several jobs that do not require a lot of energy and movements which are quietly suitable for the old. Let the energetic do manual and active work like constructions, plumbing among others while old/ weak do jobs like secretarial, personal and cooperate advisors among others. Let the jobs not be evaluated in terms of education only but also encouraging people to apply for jobs according to their abilities. It is so unfortunate to find some old lady doing manual work like road constructions, cargo offloading and the like. Am not saying they should not do them but a better strategy would have provided them with a better offer.

The third strategy talks about street people. There is no physical problem with the street people, the only thing they don’t have is a private place to call home. They have all the abilities normal people have. The rate at which the number of street people is fluctuating is alarming! At some point, it is an issue to be handled on its own. Connecting them with potential jobs, creating bodies that will protect them and their interest will help a lot in balancing the increasing population in relation to job opportunities. As much as most of them are into drugs, sparing few pounds to get them clean and back to their feet is not asking too much from someone who values humanity. You will be surprised what talents and influence we just let loitering and wandering in the wild streets. Some can be given technical educations, others just some training based on their competencies while others just a channel to nurture and help them realize their talents. Most of them will become entrepreneurs and end up creating lots of job opportunities. This will reduce the rate of dependency on the working class since they will be working and earning to support themselves.

The fourth strategy goes to physically disabled individuals. As per the current situation, if you are physically disabled you are as good as dead. Very bad! Being disabled does not mean you are useless. Most of the disabled people end up being street beggars. Having one leg not functioning well does not mean your hand and brain are handicapped too! I can’t blame them since we are the leads in spear-heading the unconducive environment for them. Well if we have like 10 factories/ companies that can identify and make it easy for the disabled to work in, then they will provide good and standard labor. I will admit it has huge cost implication attached to it, but at the end, they will be included and at some point, they will be self-dependent. I know several physical disabled people can do well in plumbing, weaving, pottery, and even most of the intellect jobs. I have a friend Trey(not real name), who is deaf, though Trey is deaf, he managed to study to a level of a bachelors degree. Now Trey up to date is not employed just because he is deaf and it will be too expensive to hire and maintain him. Simple question how expensive do you think it is for Trey’s family to take care of him? It is true hiring an interpreter for Trey so that he can work will be expensive, but we cannot stop their dreams just because it is expensive. Let us adopt a strategy that will ensure “Treys ” can be employed as easy as anyone else.

The last strategy I will cover here is on Specialization. Well, I can mention over 1000 individuals that after 16 years of 8-4-4 education system can’t understand why they did Chemistry or Mathematics for the 4 years in high school. Well, those were my best subjects back in school! But, that was not the case for everyone. How do you explain the importance of Chemistry to a comedian? The education system does not accommodate specialization at an early age. By the time you are graduating, you have done a lot of concepts and you are not an expert in any.  You have so much information yet you cannot make sense out of. If I put my focus on one thing, then definitely I will become an expert in it. There are several mathematicians, acrobatics, comedians, photographers whose talent is inbuilt. Let education provide the basics of civilization and communication. So that our marathon champions can get the basics of expressing their joy when they win the race.

Unemployment may be due to poor strategies, selfishness, no planning at all among others. But it is something that can be dealt with. It has to start from within up to the government; it is high time we change our perspective about life. Technology has come in handy to make our communication easy and efficient but are we utilizing the benefits that it comes with it? Or we use it to make us as miserable than before? Did you know you can learn all-new experience from the internet and become an expert in it? 90% of us when we mention the internet, what comes to our mind is social media, movies and unfortunately pornographic. Poverty is a mindset; you are poor because you have convinced your brain that you are poor. Let’s create job opportunities, let’s work and let’s make our tomorrow better and conducive.